Beard Jams: Tour by The Courtneys

All you need in life is music, am I right? (I wish.) Todays great find comes from a band that goes by The Courtneys. This one’s entitled Tour. 

I love the tone of this song. The lyrics feel like I’m taking advice from a best friend or older sibling. There’s something in this song that just makes me feel better after listening to it.

The guitars are fuzzy, the vocals are glistening, and my heart feels happy listening to this song.

Support this band any way you can! They are embarking on a North American Tour starting in March! See the dates on their bandcamp page:

Also check out:


Twitter: @3Courtneys

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Beard Jams: Cold by Beloved Elk

Wow. It’s been a really long time. We’re back though and kicking things off with some great new music out of Australia from a duo known as Beloved Elk. This is their song Cold off of their latest album Distractions. 

I love how much sound comes from this duo. When I first listened to the song, I actually assumed it was a full band. My bad. It’s interesting to me though that there is a common theme that makes the song, but there are little moments that make it feel like it’s always changing. It’s a pleasure to listen to.

What does this remind me of? Imagine a blend of Circa Survive, Brand New, and Cub Sport. It’s wonderful! Buy, stream and share it!

Check them out here:




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Beard Jams: “Swim” by Valley

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had time to talk about new music but I figured it was high time we shared something new!

Check out “Swim” from Valley’s new EP, This Room Is White (Available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music now!)

VALLEY made their US debut on Tuesday 9.6 @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 in NYC and left the room speechless! The Toronto quartet have already won independent music awards throughout Canada and are poised to release a full-length record soon! With influences ranging from The 1975 to Chance The Rapper, Valley have the refreshing, feel-good tunes you’ve been waiting all summer for!




Apple Music:


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Beard Jams: Of A Time by Dianas

Who’s ready for some wonderful indie/surf pop? (Raises hand.) I present to you Of A Time from Dianas off of their self titled LP. 

There are so many cool moments in this song, it’s hard to pick one to talk about. The opening is a fantastic groove that eagerly leads us to the rest of the song. The singers have awesome harmonies in this song that literately feel like a dream. So smooth and so addicting.

The way the drums play with the guitar is simply amazing. While each part is independent, they flourish and thrive by creating a wonderful song together. This song is truly addicting and I’m sure I’ll be listening to this long after I finish this post.

For more of Dianas, check them out at the following links! Their latest self-titled LP is available now!



Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Everything At Once by Her Magic Wand

Check out this lovely indie pop song from Her Magic Wand entitled Everything At Once off of their latest Blossom EP.

I love the synths in the beginning. It’s a whirlwind of synth grooves and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was not expecting the transition at first into an energetic indie rock song, but it really works wonderfully. The way the synth section and the indie rock section meld together is wonderful and will please a lot of music listeners.

For more of Her Magic Wand, check them out at the following links.




Until next time. have fun and stay safe!

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Beard Jams: Shine by Lord Akton

Starting off my day impressed with this song from Lord Akton entitled Shine off of the latest album Old Future Worlds. 

This song is so mysterious and flowing and I love it. The samples and synths are just so magical in this song it creates this wonderful creative imagination for me. It’s the perfect song to chill to (Netflix & Chill?) or groove to. Either way, it’s really a delight to listen to.

I had a chance to listen through the album as well, and all of the songs are just as spectacular. Really, one of the best instrumental electronic albums I’ve heard in a while.

For more of Lord Akton, check out the following links:



Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Now Or Never by Atomic Tom

Your latest happy surprise musical find comes from Atomic Tom with their song Now Or Never off of their latest album Era.

This song is so cool. There are so many moments in this song where I went “I like that.” or “That was cool.” The intro is lovely and sets up the song very well. At first, I was not expecting the uptempo indie rock transition into the chorus, but I loved it.

This song has so much energy in every aspect in the song. The intro was catchy enough for me for that to be the whole song. Combined with everything else, you have a very dynamic song that is fun, electric, and entertaining. Definitely a song I can’t stop listening to over and over again.

For more of Atomic Tom, check out their links below.





Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Addicted by Iman Omari

I’m not even going to set up this song because it’s awesome without me having to say anything. I present to you, Addicted from Iman Omari

This beat is so dope! It’s a great beat that feels unique. I feel like it’s a nice blend between older and newer sounds. It sounds fresh and original while still feeling like it’s something we could have picked up in the past.

Check out the rest of Iman Omari’s songs over on Fresh Selects bandcamp! ( Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Growing Easy by Jon Walker

What’s going on everyone! Waking up is a little easier when you’ve got some awesome music, right? Right. Listen to this tasty jam we’ve got from Jon Walker entitled Growing Easy.

This song is so peaceful and wonderful. I can’t get enough of the guitar in this song. It literately feels like something the Earth would wake up to. Like, this is the Sun’s morning jam.

Okay, not really. But this song is pretty great. It’s one of those songs I want to listen to on repeat to feel better about any and everything. It’s wonderful.

This comes off of the Real Life EP which you can check out and support if you’re into it! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!




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Beard Jams: Something Soon by Car Seat Headrest

What’s going on, everyone? You’ve got to check out this song from Car Seat Headrest entitled Something Soon off of their upcoming album Teens Of Style. I’m super into it right now.

This song is a song where the more I listen to it, the more I like it. Even on the first listen through, I liked it at the end more than I did at the beginning. It has a delightful dose of anxiety in the song and I love it. I love the emotion throughout the song as well. Reminds me of a love child between Skaters, The Strokes, and The Drums.

Teens Of Style comes out October 30th. Until then, pre-order the album or buy the single on their bandcamp. ( Follow Car Seat Head Rest on Facebook and the like (All on the bandcamp.)

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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Beard Jams: Waiting Room by Ace Enders

Summer is slowly starting to fade away. That is, unless you live in the Northeast of the United States. There’s been a stretch of hot weather here. Suppose it’s summer’s last push to keep going. Enjoy the remainder of your summer (Or welcome Spring, Australia.) with Waiting Room by Ace Enders.

There’s a nice, easy and refreshing feeling to this song. It has a nice alternative, pop sound to it with hints of alternative rock sprinkled in. My favorite part of the song is the raw, gritty, and emotional lyrics after the second to last chorus.

It’s a nice listen any time of the day, but I recommend throwing this in your morning jams, playlists, etc. I don’t know why, but this song seems almost perfect for the changing of seasons.

Listen, share, and support! For more of Ace Enders, check out these fine links.



Quick note: Facebook is listed as I Can Make a Mess (Official) and I’m confused. Name change soon? Or working under two names? I don’t mind, just a little confused as I listen to the music.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe! Like us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Beard Jams: Joints by Wot Gorilla?

Mr. Musicbeard here. I can’t stop listening to this song entitled Joints from a band known as Wot Gorilla?

There are so many awesome sounds going on here. Very diverse and enjoyable. Lots of different sections pieced together to make an awesome song.

This is seriously just so good, nothing I say will top it. You just have to listen to it and check it out! This one is for fans of Math Rock/Indie Rock/ and Prog Rock. Reminds me of a cool mix of Circa Survive, Brand New, and Periphery.

For more Wot Gorilla? check them out here:



Until next time, have fun and stay safe! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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Beard Jams: Astoria/Fallen by Mesita

What’s going on everyone? Mr. Musicbeard here. Got a sweet track to share with you entitled Astoria/Fallen by an artist named Mesita.

This song is instantly putting me in a good mood. It’s nothing but great grooves, beats, and indie rock magic. It reminds me a lot of TV On The Radio. It’s also worth noting that the first time I heard this track and artist, I thought they were a band. Apparently it’s a solo project! It’s definitely one of the best solo projects I have ever heard of.

This song is also very dynamic; there are a lot of layers to it. You can definitely listen to this song over and over again and be entertained every time you hear it. It’s also definitely one of those tracks where I hear something different each time I listen to it.

Check out more of their music here:



Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! If you like what you’re reading, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook! (I said please so you have to do it.) Bye!

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Beard Jams: Slow Dark Water by Furnsss

We’re enjoying this indie rock jam entitled Slow Dark Water from a band named Furnsss! Furnsss comes from Burlington, CT!

I like the overall feeling of this song. There are some really cool interludes that have a beautiful lo-fi quality to them. The noise of the interludes wraps you up and immerses you in the song and it’s great. All of the parts in this song help to compliment each other to create a pretty cool song.

At first, this song reminds me a little bit of Weezer mixed with Cage the Elephant, and a touch of Jeff the Brotherhood and Skaters (The band. Not actual people who skate.)

Overall, a really solid track I’m happy to share with you all. Slow Dark Water is off of their upcoming release entitled New Moves which is set for release on August 15, 2015 on the label 80N7.

Check out the links below, share this post if you enjoyed the song and until next time, have fun and stay safe! ~DL

Furnsss Links:

Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter

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Beard Jams: Kingbreaker by Doktra

Awesome indie rock song alert! You’ve got to check out Kingbreaker from a band named Doktra. Doktra comes from Indianapolis, Indiana!

There’s just something about a great guitar riff paired with an energized drum pattern that gets me every time! There is so much energy in this song. If you’re a fan of indie or alternative rock, this song has got a little bit of everything for everyone. There are lighter moments for the indie rock fans, with heavier riffs for the alternative rock fans.

This song reminds me of Deftones mixed with Nada Surf. I also feel like it would go well with Manchester Orchestra and Motion City Soundtrack as well. Despite my comparisons, this song stands by itself as a great and fun song to listen to.

This song is off of their latest release entitled S/T and is available as a pay what you want album on Bandcamp. Definitely check this one out! Links below. Until next time, have fun and stay safe! ~DL


Bandcamp, Facebook, Doktra Site

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Beard Jams: Boketto by WMD

What’s going on everyone?! If you’re just waking up or need to relax, you’ve got to check out this song. It’s entitled Boketto and it’s by an artist known as WMD. WMD comes from Seattle, Washington!

Before we get to the song, the word Boketto is a Japanese word that has a loose English translation. The idea is that Boketto loosely means staring into or at something without any thoughts going on. Similar to daydreaming if you will, but with no dreams. If that makes sense. I personally didn’t know what Boketto meant before this song, so i had to share.

Now, on to the song. I believe the title to this song is very fitting. I envision someone sitting on a beach as time passes by and this song is put to a time lapse of the person just sitting there, waiting as time passes by. This song makes me feel really relaxed and happy which is pretty cool.

As I mentioned before, this song would be great to start your day off right or to take some relaxing personal time. Regardless of when you listen to it, make sure you check this out! I’m really digging it. The self titled album, WMD, is available now! ($4 for a full length album?! You can’t beat that.) Links below. Until next time, have fun and stay safe. ~DL


Bandcamp, Facebook

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Beard Jams: Take Me Now by The River Monks

As I usually say at the beginning of every post, it’s been a long time since I’ve made a post. Life happens, you know? Anyways, I wanted to share this sweet folk track entitled Take Me Now from a band known as The River Monks! The River Monks come from Des Moines, Iowa!

This is a really nice folk track. The guitar part is wonderful. Beautiful notes that cascade down into your ears, tickling every peaceful emotion in your body. Along with the peaceful wave of vocals, this is one of the most relaxing and satisfying tracks I’ve heard in a ling time.

Definitely check them out if you enjoyed this song! Their latest album entitled Home Is The House is out now! It’s only $8 as well. The best $8 you will spend today. You can also check them out on various social media sites. Links below.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe,



Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter

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Beard Jams: Sea Creatures by SOAK

This next review is about an eighteen year old artist all the way from Ireland that just sold out her show in Australia. Birdie Monds-Watson is making her first big music break with her first single Sea Creatures. This incredibly talented young artist has already gained over a 100,000 views of her music video that was just released a week and a day ago.

I first heard this song when I was listening to Hype Machine and was instantly entranced by the acoustic elements in the song. I didn’t know however,  that I was listening to the stripped down acoustic version of the song. A week later I searched for the music video and realized I had been missing out on a whole other song. Although I love the version of her with just the guitar, I also love all of the little things that she puts into the final song that’s produced to make it sound full as opposed to it being performed acoustically.

Sea Creatures has a really nice, simple, and calming sound to it. I really enjoy all of the small things that are added into the song. Especially the part after the first verse when there’s a short synth piece that drifts off into the next verse. I also really like how the piano pieces that get played heavier in the middle section, line up to the melody that she’s singing. Of course, I think the violins toward the end of the song when she sings about getting better, was a perfect fit for the song, especially when you’re watching the music video. These extra additions to Sea Creatures really makes me appreciate this song even more from when I heard it the first time. It gives the song more oomph and an overall finished feeling.

If you like what you heard, you should definitely check out her sound cloud account. She has another song up on her page that is called B a noBody. She also did a cover of one of my favorite artists Chvrches. She covers the song Mother We Share. It’s preformed acoustically and is intensely haunting with “ohhhoooh’s” that sing behind her voice.  If that’s not enough for you, you can also catch her at some of her shows since she’ll be touring a lot for the release of her new album. SOAK will be releasing her debut album Before We Forgot How to Dream on June 2, 2015. She will also be in America this March for the SXSW music festival.

Check out what SOAK is up to on the daily with some social media sites!


Sound Cloud:




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Beard Jams: Pedestrian at Best by Courtney Barnett

Oh, hello there. Have you heard the big news?! Courtney Barnett is coming out with a new album on March 23, 2015! The album is entitled Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit. It’s the best thing 2015 has given me to look forward to and I am beyond excited to hear some new music from this super talented woman. I have been hooked on her previous album The Double EP: A Sea of Split Peas for quite some time and I look forward to hearing the new music she’s been working on.

She has released one of her songs off of her new album that will be released in March and it’s called Pedestrian at Best. I am in love with this song, as well as the music video. One of my favorite things about Barnett is that she creates these really creative lyrics and produces them in an incredibly effortless way. Personally, I feel like when you’re listening to her, it sounds like she’s at an open mic and she’s just spitballing what comes into her mind. Even though you’re hearing the music from your headphones or watching her on youtube, the way she sings makes you feel like she’s hanging out in your room and just picked up the guitar and started jamming.

Pedestrian at Best is upbeat, has a fast paced rock tempo, and a super catchy chorus that will make you want to scream along to the line, “Put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint you”.  The song definitely carries the same kind of Courtney Barnett sound from her previous album, but has a harder rock vibe. I look forward to hearing how the rest of the songs compare to this one or if some of the songs will mellow out a bit.

Keep an eye out for a chance to see Courtney Barnett live in your hometown. She’s going to be performing at some pretty big festivals this year and you don’t want to miss out. I haven’t seen her live, but I have watched her youtube performances for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert and she sounds unbelievable. I hope I get the chance to change that last sentence and soon you’ll be reading a concert review instead.

Check out some neat album art work Barnett has been working on and refer to her tour dates on social media, yo.



Band Camp:

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Beard Jams: Mantra by Telekinetic Walrus

You may remember this band from last summer when we hung out with them at the Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in Ithaca, NY. Well, they put out a music video for Mantra and it’s amazing.

Sometimes, I’m not the biggest fan in watching music videos because when I listen to the song I envision something different. That was not the case with Mantra. It’s everything I would picture for this song and more. Seriously, I’m re-watching this video over and over because it fits the song so well. (And it’s just awesome in general.)

I love the beginning of this track. I love the repetitive chant and how it eventually mixes in with the beat and the rest of the song. It’s seriously musical magic. I love it.

This song just keeps adding onto itself and maintains a constant state of high energy that you just want to listen to over and over again. It definitely leaves you wanting more. All of the lyrics and verses are awesome. So many great and unique line in this song. Definitely listen to this song a few times to catch the great lines in this song.

Overall, this song just rules. The song is wonderful and I can’t stop saying great things about this song and this video. A really great release from this band.

If you liked what you heard, check them out at! Additionally, they currently have a kickstarter going to raise money for a new touring van as their last one has seen the end of its life. If you have the means, seriously consider donating to them so that they can tour and share their music with everyone again. Check it out here:

If you haven’t checked out our interview we did with them last summer, check it out here:

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #musicbeards!

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