Beard Jams: Astoria/Fallen by Mesita

What’s going on everyone? Mr. Musicbeard here. Got a sweet track to share with you entitled Astoria/Fallen by an artist named Mesita.

This song is instantly putting me in a good mood. It’s nothing but great grooves, beats, and indie rock magic. It reminds me a lot of TV On The Radio. It’s also worth noting that the first time I heard this track and artist, I thought they were a band. Apparently it’s a solo project! It’s definitely one of the best solo projects I have ever heard of.

This song is also very dynamic; there are a lot of layers to it. You can definitely listen to this song over and over again and be entertained every time you hear it. It’s also definitely one of those tracks where I hear something different each time I listen to it.

Check out more of their music here:



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