Beard Jams: feel good. by skeptics

Back at it again with a fresh jam out of the Philippines from a producer known as skeptics. This track is entitled feel good and it’s off of his latest album Summer Bliss. 

As the track name and the album name suggests, I felt good listening to this and it reminded me of sitting on a bench in a park in the summer time. The bird sounds in the beginning really help set up the mood of this track.

This track remains light and focuses on repetition for the duration of the track. There are subtle changes that help keep the track fresh and flowing. I loved the repetition in this track and it didn’t bother me at all. I also really love the simple beat paired with the piano. Makes me think this song should be used in a Casey Neistat film. (And I love Casey Neistat btw)

Support this artist and buy the album and share with your friends. skeptics made this album a name your price album but it’s worth every cent you’re willing to put towards it. Great job.

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