Beard Jams: Waiting Room by Ace Enders

Summer is slowly starting to fade away. That is, unless you live in the Northeast of the United States. There’s been a stretch of hot weather here. Suppose it’s summer’s last push to keep going. Enjoy the remainder of your summer (Or welcome Spring, Australia.) with Waiting Room by Ace Enders.

There’s a nice, easy and refreshing feeling to this song. It has a nice alternative, pop sound to it with hints of alternative rock sprinkled in. My favorite part of the song is the raw, gritty, and emotional lyrics after the second to last chorus.

It’s a nice listen any time of the day, but I recommend throwing this in your morning jams, playlists, etc. I don’t know why, but this song seems almost perfect for the changing of seasons.

Listen, share, and support! For more of Ace Enders, check out these fine links.



Quick note: Facebook is listed as I Can Make a Mess (Official) and I’m confused. Name change soon? Or working under two names? I don’t mind, just a little confused as I listen to the music.

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