Beard Jams: Boketto by WMD

What’s going on everyone?! If you’re just waking up or need to relax, you’ve got to check out this song. It’s entitled Boketto and it’s by an artist known as WMD. WMD comes from Seattle, Washington!

Before we get to the song, the word Boketto is a Japanese word that has a loose English translation. The idea is that Boketto loosely means staring into or at something without any thoughts going on. Similar to daydreaming if you will, but with no dreams. If that makes sense. I personally didn’t know what Boketto meant before this song, so i had to share.

Now, on to the song. I believe the title to this song is very fitting. I envision someone sitting on a beach as time passes by and this song is put to a time lapse of the person just sitting there, waiting as time passes by. This song makes me feel really relaxed and happy which is pretty cool.

As I mentioned before, this song would be great to start your day off right or to take some relaxing personal time. Regardless of when you listen to it, make sure you check this out! I’m really digging it. The self titled album, WMD, is available now! ($4 for a full length album?! You can’t beat that.) Links below. Until next time, have fun and stay safe. ~DL


Bandcamp, Facebook

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