Beard Interview: Davino at the 2014 Insomnia Music Festival

Hey everyone! This is Dan. Remember that awesome preview we did on Davino before the Insomnia Music Festival? Well, we met up with him at the festival and talked about his music, other people’s music, and food! Check it out and share it if you like it! 

Additionally, this starts the release of our own YouTube channel! We will be doing more interviews in the future. I’ve been on “tour” essentially meeting up with some cool bands and interviewing them lately! More videos will come out in the near future. 

The interviews and videos will always be on our main site,, as well as all of our other platforms. 

Anyways! I had a lot of fun interviewing and hanging out with Davino at this years Insomnia Music Festival. Oddly enough, he reminds me of Jack White when I look at him. It’s neat. Davino was really cool and fun to hang out with. Be sure to check out more of his work and until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

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