Beard Jams: OctaHate by Ryn Weaver

Stop what you are doing and listen to this amazing summer jam that is on the rise! The song OctaHate by Ryn Weaver is full of life and will have you dancing to the energetic beat all day long. The thing that I love the most about this song is that there are a lot of little things that grab my attention. The finger snapping, the light xylophone that plays in the intro leading into the powerful chorus, and the short breathed vocals in the transitions between verses and choruses, as well as the beginning and end of the song.

Ryn Weaver has recently hit number one on the billboard chart of emerging artists! Not only are fans all over the world loving this new track, but so are well known artists. This song has been receiving praise from artists such as, Charlie XCX and Jessie Ware. This song has also been produced by the lead singer of Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos, who had some help producing the track from Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco.

You may have actually heard of Ryn Weaver’s music before and not know it. Before she changed her name, it was Aryn Wuthrich. Under this name, she appeared on the song “With Me” by the Cashmere Cat’s. She has also put out a really cool cover as well as other music under the name FemFemFem. I really enjoyed listening to the cover of the Peach, Pear, Plum, which is originally by Joanna Newsom. Weaver did a beautiful cover of this song and the vocals are absolutely outstanding and wonderful to listen to. If you have a moment, I would definitely check out her earlier work as well as her new song.

While I can’t find any dates of her currently performing, I encourage you to keep an eye out  for her. Ryn Weaver has a beautiful voice, an amazing new single, and I can’t wait to see where her career takes her. Hopefully she’ll be in the area and I’ll be able to cover one of her shows! Until then, check her out on some of these sites below!





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