Beard Jams: Teen by Jaylis



   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan once again. I’ve had a pretty sweet summer so far filled with some pretty cool shows and people! I’m back though with another great song you should check out. It’s entitled Teen it’s by a group known as Jaylis! This group comes from Switzerland! 

   I really love the intro. The whistling with the acoustic guitar sounds great. The whistling is soft and distant. When I hear the intro, I feel like I woke up in a peaceful forest and the sunshine is glistening through the trees as the day starts. It’s a nice feeling to have. It’s great that this song makes me envision a picture literately seconds into the song.

   I also enjoyed the bass in this song. It doesn’t really come in until the middle of the first verse, but I like that it doesn’t come in until then. It helps to keep the energy fresh and helps develop the song. It’s a catchy bass line. I found myself humming the bass line while writing this. I love bass lines. 

   Sandra, the lead singer, has a beautiful voice. It’s very sweet and relaxed. It reminds me of Lauren Mayberry’s voice; the lead singer of the indie pop band Chvrches. If you imagine Lauren Mayberry singing folk and soft acoustic pop, that’s what I picture when I hear Jaylis. Sandra’s voice is sweet and adapts to whatever mood is being conveyed through the song. It also has a soft and storytelling quality to it. I really enjoyed Sandra’s voice. An acoustic Jaylis show in a peaceful forest would be wonderful.

   Overall, I really enjoyed this track. It’s a peaceful sounding track that is great for any time of the day. The intro is one of my favorite parts of the song with the acoustic guitar and the distant whistling. You can even hear the whistling in-between the verses as well. The bass line is catchy and helps the song develop. It’s not too flamboyant though. It fits in perfectly and has just enough action to it to keep it interesting. The vocals help pull the peaceful feeling together by having a soft and focused quality to them. If you like acoustic pop, indie pop, or folk, this song is for you. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

   To check out more of Jaylis, follow these wonderful links below!






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