Insomnia Music Festival Preview: Tension (Original Mix) by Barnzy



   Hey everyone! This is Dan once again and for the next Insomnia Music Festival Preview, we have Barnzy with his track entitled “Tension.” (Original Mix)

   I love the intro! It’s filled with a vibrant energy that instantly makes you want to dance. This track actually reminds me of when I went to Mysteryland USA a few weeks ago. Great bass and synths that will make any EDM fan smile and dance. I also admired the build up to the drop. While it’s building up, the melody is still going on in the background. A very unique approach to a buildup. I loved it.

   Another part of the track I really enjoyed was the piano part! It was a chilling break from the bass and synths. It created a chilling atmosphere that also felt unique. The synths and bass do come back in with the piano part and help carry the song to one last danceable moment. The piano part provides a great contrast from the rest of the song. It provides the listener with a nice, relaxing break. It also helps keep it fresh and enjoyable throughout the duration of the song. 

   Overall, this was an awesome track. I found myself saying the word unique a lot while listening to this song. There is a great attention to detail to this song that will make any EDM fan happy. I enjoyed all of the layers present in this song, and how those layers mingled with each other during the song. In my opinion, this was Mysteryland USA caliber material right here. I’m really excited to see Barnzy perform at this years Insomnia Music Festival.

   Before we go though, let’s see what Barnzy himself thinks about the song and the festival! Enjoy.

Musicbeards: What was your inspiration behind this song? What made you write and record it?

Barnzy: “As far as my inspiration for the song goes… I just wanted to make something heavy yet still bouncy. Something Hardstyle fans can get down to along with progressive house fans.”

Musicbeards: Describe the writing and recording process for this song. 

Barnzy: “The process was quite simple actually. [I] just pretty much made a heavy synth with some punch to it that would drive most of the tune. Listened to a lot of Bigroom house and Hardstyle to get some inspiration and figure out how I was going to arrange it. Throw a big distorted kick on it, and boom boom boom boom.  Sounds simple, but this tune took me a very long time regardless lol.”

Musicbeards: What are you looking forward to at this years Insomnia Music Festival? 

Barnzy: “What I look forward to most is what I look forward to every year we play this festival; friends and fans i’ve yet to meet. There is nothing better in this world than meeting new people with such a common interest in music. It truly is like being on a camping trip with your closest friends and of course, the music. I know most of the artists personally and have played shows with them before. They kill it to say the least. Can’t wait.” 

Musicbeards: Can you tell us anything about your set at the festival? What can we expect by seeing you at the Insomnia Music Festival?

Barnzy: “This year, the only goal I have for my set is to keep people jumping [and] singing along with the lyrics. Even laughing and the occasional ‘did that really just happen?’ lol. Dropping edits of tunes you haven’t heard since the 8th grade is one of my favorite things to do for sure, so be ready for that lol.” 

   Be sure to check out Barnzy’s set at this years Insomnia Music Festival in Owego, NY on June 20th and the 21st. It’s going to be a blast, and I hope to meet some new faces there! I’m looking forward to all of the sets as well. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone. 

To check out more of Barnzy before the Insomnia Music Festival, follow the links below and be sure to share this post!




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  1. Totally love this piece, man!!! (including the music and the conversation)

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