Introducing the Musicbeards Staff


Hey everyone! This is Dan here writing for this article. (There’s a reason why I’m using my name now. Let me explain!) Up until now, the Musicbeards posts have always been entirely produced by myself. I started this blog with the intent of giving up-and-coming bands and artists some well deserved publicity by promoting their work to people who may have not heard about them before. The name [Musicbeards] was absolutely random. I was trying to come up with a cool name for a blog, but I was having trouble picking one out that I liked. I eventually decided on Musicbeards. There was no particular reason for that name. I obviously liked music, and I had a beard at the time. Boom. That’s how this blog was born! I decided it would be a fun experience to have, and it fit right in with my life as I was a college radio dj at the time. I’ve had a great time with this blog so far and have had the pleasure of working with some great artists, bands, and people. 

   Doing this alone has been pretty cool, but it’s even cooler when you have a close friend that wants to join in and help out as well! In fact, this person has been secretly helping me all along anyways, but now she’s about to be Musicbeards official. Allow me to introduce the newest member of Musicbeards, Valerie! 

   Seeing as most people don’t really know either of us, I figured that we would do a little question and answer with each of us! (Woo, yay! That sounds great! You’re totally reading my mind right now!) Let’s start off with Valerie!

   Name: Valerie

   Favorite Food: Burritos, Waffles, and Avocados

   Best Concert experience so far: The best concert festival I have been to so far was Bamboozle in 2010. There were a bunch of bands that I had discovered during high school and the majority of them were at this Bamboozle festival. There were bands such as Angels and Airwaves, Paramore, Relient K and more! There were a lot of cool vendors and great bands that made for an awesome day. It was the third concert I had ever been to and it was my first festival. It was definitely a memorable day out of all the concerts I have been to.

   Favorite Band or Artist: [At the moment] Said the Whale, Dresses, Saintseneca, and Foster the People. 

   Favorite thing about Musicbeards: My favorite thing about Musicbeards is that there is always new music reviews up with links to the artist or bands on the site so you can check out more of their music. 


   Name: Dan

   Favorite Food: Pizza

   Best Concert Experience So Far: I’ve been to so many great and memorable concerts that it’s hard to pick one. I loved seeing Grouplove in September of 2013. It was a magical show and the music was great live. Other memorable shows that I have been to include: Mysteryland USA, Warped Tour of 2012-2013, and the CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon of 2011 and 2013. In 2011 at the CMJ Music Marathon, I saw The Wombats perform. It was magical and I’m a lifetime fan of The Wombats now.

   Favorite Band or Artist: Again, it’s hard to pick just one. All time favorite band would have to be Motion City Soundtrack. I really love the lyrics in MCS songs and the different instrument parts and layers. They always sound amazing while maintaining a unique character to their music that makes it unique to MCS. Lately though, my favorite band would have to be Grouplove. I absolutely love everything about them right now. They have got a great sound that is infectious to me and makes me smile, sing, and dance every time I hear them. 

   Favorite Thing About Musicbeards: Well, I’m kind of biased because I created this blog but I love being able to help up-and-coming bands and artists expose people to their music. I love telling people about new music and I love helping out the bands and artists who are great but are unknown at the moment. Hopefully, once we make a post, people check out the song and then if they enjoyed them become life-long fans of that band or artist and their music. I’ve met some awesome people along the way, but it’s not about me. It’s all about the music. 

   Last Thoughts For The Reader: Keep on sticking around and discovering some great new music. Any little thing you do makes an impact on this blog. Whether it be listening to a song we post and then buying it, or just liking the band or artist on the social media sites. (As well as following the Musicbeards site and social media.), Anything helps the bands and artists as well as with us. As I say at the end of my posts, until next time have fun and stay safe everyone.

   If you’re a band or artist and want us to check out your music, or you want us to come to your show or music festival, email us at!  

P.S. The awesome photo for this post was brought to you by our good friend Ariel! Valerie is on the right and I’m [Dan] on the left. Check out her work on her flickr page by following the link below: 


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