Beard Jams: Lucky Earth by Troxum


   What’s going on everyone?! This is Dan and I’ve got a sweet electronic song for you all to check out. It’s entitled Lucky Earth and is by an artist known as Troxum! This song is off of the debut EP, Gaia Omen.

   I have always admired electronic songs and artists because I feel like there is the potential to create a truly unique piece of work that creates visions and evokes a story from the song. Music in general can provide stories and visions, but I find myself having more ideas while listening to instrumental electronic music. This song definitely paints vivid pictures in my imagination, especially in the beginning of the track. I love the delayed synth that happens that starts of the song. Then, this spacey and echoey synth combines with the other synth, and then eventually all of that is combined with a beat. It sounds amazing. 

   I find myself getting wrapped up in the sounds from this song and becoming relaxed and lost in the music. The end of the song approaches and then I realize I was enjoying the sounds too much to think about how long I had been listening to the song. Although, I don’t think you can enjoy these sounds too much. Please, get lost in this song and relax and enjoy. It’s one of those songs where every time I listen to it I hear something new. Definitely play this one over and over, especially at night when you are becoming tired. 

   The sections in the song where the pitch shifts and or the key changes provides some interesting textures. It helps break up the song and keeps the song new and exciting. This song is an exciting musical journey wrapped up into one song. It’s wonderful. 

   Overall, I really enjoyed this song. I always enjoy a good electronic song with great synths, sounds, and textures. This song delivers all of that while making me want to listen to it over and over again. This song definitely kept my attention throughout the song, and even after the song ended. It’s a nice beat and melody that truly had me relaxing and thinking. Be sure to listen to this one and indulge in the beautiful sounds that are present. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone! 

   To check out more of Troxum, check out the following social media sites provided below and make sure you grab the debut ep entitled, Gaia Omen.






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