Beard Jams: The New Colossus by Cloud Caverns



   Hello friends! This song is a new one from Cloud Caverns entitled The New Colossus off of their latest album, Gypsy Loft.

   I love the beginning of this song. The floor tom with the intricate guitar part sounds awesome. The shaker in the background is a nice touch. It really captured my attention and left me wanting more. (So naturally I listened to the rest of the song.) 

   The guitar has a very interesting part in this song. There are some great licks and riffs throughout the entire song. There is also some nice off-beat chords that sound splendid. The chords helped give this song a bouncy feeling and kept the song moving along. I dare you to not be amazed when you hear this guitar part. It fits the song perfectly and is interesting and fresh throughout the entire song. 

   Vocals sound great as always. The singer has this wonderful quality to his voice. It’s beautifully dry and raspy at times. Even though it’s a little raspy, it keeps on flowing and moving with the song. It’s not raspy all of the time. There are moments when it kicks in, and it works very well in this song. The melody is great. It’s been stuck in my head for the last 20 minutes now. It’s a catchy melody that sticks with you. 

   Overall, this is another great song from Cloud Caverns! There were many great things about this song that made me want to listen to it over and over again. This song keeps your interest the whole time while still having a structure to the song. All of the parts were very interesting and delicate. If you like acoustic, folk, or light pop, this song is just right for you. 

  Be sure to check out Cloud Caverns at these fine social media sites, and don’t forget to pick up their latest album, Gypsy Loft, which is available now! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.




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