Beard Jams: Til Tomorrow by DWNTWN


Searching for an awesome new band that you can dance to while driving in your car this summer? Then you better check out this band DWNTWN who has just released their self-titled EP. The thing that I love most about this EP is that the music is upbeat, filled with catchy lyrics, and has these really cool synth parts embedded in the indie pop music. This EP will make you want to dance, but not too hard. Songs like Til Tomorrow and Skins, are the most upbeat and synth driven on this EP. If you’re interested in songs that are just as great, but are slowed down a bit and have a nice chill relaxed vibe to them, I would check out songs like Missing, Heroine and Blankets. 

DWNTWNs hit single Til Tomorrow, features both Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda performing dual vocals that intertwine very nicely. They both have soft voices that flow well with the spaced out sound of the music while still having an indie pop base to the music. This is personally my favorite song off of the EP. I love driving around in my car with the windows down and jamming out to this song. Along with the two lead vocalists, there is this really cool electronic feature that the band uses as backing vocals and it sounds amazing. That’s the main feature of the song that really hooked me in while listening to it for the first time and is also featured on the other songs on this EP.

DWNTWN was created by Jamie Leffler and Robert Cepeda in 2010. Leffler was actually dating Robert’s brother and when they broke up, Leffler  immediately started up a band with Robert. They had been experimenting with making folk pieces while adding indie pop sounds to it and then recording them on their iPhones. This duo made their first debut with “See My Eyes” and “Move Me”, which were featured on two separate Kistune America compilation albums. These two amazing tracks charted at #2 on the very well known music blog, Hype Machine. With a couple of outstanding singles and adding two more members to the band to create a four piece for live performances, DWNTWN has grown as musicians and is spreading their  indie synth pop sound. If you like the track above and are looking for more tunes by DWNTWN, check out their earlier EP’s, Cowboys and The Red Room.

To learn more about DWNTWN and to listen to their music, check out the links below!

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