Beard Jams: Waves by Beach Youth



   What’s going on everyone?! Todays song is a sweet indie rock jam entitled Waves. It’s by a band known as Beach Youth! 

   This song is really catchy! The syncopated guitar part along with the sweet bass line sounds great! These guitar parts are great on their own, but also sound great when blended together. The overall beat and sound of this song makes me want to dance. Hopefully you want to dance as well while listening to this song as well!

   The smooth vocals in this song give it a relaxed feel. The vocal part reminds me of watching a wave at a beach. (Very fitting with the song name and band name.) The singers phrasing feels like a wave to me; starts off mellow and becomes more energized and then goes back to being relaxed and mellow. I really enjoy the vocals in this song and it fits very well with the instruments.

   I can also see the song itself being like a wave. I feel like when the instruments are playing alone without vocals, the energy is a little more upbeat. When the vocals come in, the song is still upbeat but it’s a little more relaxed. Then when the instrumental parts kick in again, it feels like another burst of energy. Just something unique I thought about while listening to this song.

   Overall, I think this is a great song. It’s upbeat, fun, and catchy. Everything you want in a summer indie rock song. Listen for a subtle cowbell part as well. It only comes in for a little bit, but it’s a nice texture in this song. As I mentioned before, this song makes me want to dance. It also makes me want to go be outside and enjoy the nice weather and sunshine. (Too bad it’s dark out as I write this.) Anyways, enjoy the song. If you like it, be sure to share the song with your friends and loved ones. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone. 

   To check out more of Beach Youth, head on over to these sites:

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