Beard Jams: Bridges by Broods



Broods is a pop duo from New Zealand, which consists of brother and sister Caleb and Georgia Nott. They are at the surprisingly young ages of 19 and 21. Caleb is a multi-instrumentalist and assists with backing vocals while Georgia provides the lead vocals. This super talented duo seems to be the next big thing happening over in New Zealand. For this EP they worked with producer Joe Little, who is known for his work on the production of Lordes new album.

They have a really cool synth-pop sound to their music. In certain songs it has a nice echo effect that adds a relaxed vibe to the synth-pop beat. It’s upbeat enough to dance around a bit or bob your head to the beat while relaxing. This band reminds me of a mix of Ellie Goulding, Shiny Toy Guns, and Chvrches.

Give their hit song Bridges a listen! It starts out slow with just the lead vocals and soft sounds of a keyboard playing. Then the song starts to build up and when the chorus hits, you’ll definitely be hooked. I found myself singing the catchy, upbeat chorus to myself after just a few hours of hearing this song for the first time.  If you like what you hear, their full-length album will be released in August!




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