Beard Jams: Woe by Wild Adriatic

What’s going on everyone?! I’m back at school, so posts will be more less frequent then when I was on break. However, we will still be looking for great music and will continue to share awesome music. Now that we’ve said that, todays song is entitled “Woe“, and it’s by a band named Wild Adriatic.

This song is awesome. I love the build up of the song in the beginning. Once all of the parts come in, you can’t help but groove and dance to the beat of the song.

I also really enjoy the vocals in this song. They are filled with such passionate emotion. It’s nice to hear some emotion from bands in general these days. I feel like sometime modern music can lack in that department. There is definitely no lack of emotion here.

Additionally, I hope everyone is hooked on the bass part as much as I am. It’s absolutely beautiful. Pair it with the drum part, and you’ve got some serious grooving and dancing time. Who doesn’t love grooving and dancing time? Then, when you thought the song could not become more awesome, we have an awesome guitar solo that fits perfectly into place with the song.

Overall, this song was really great. Each part was great on its own, but when blended together it makes for a very tasty song. This song makes me really want to go longboarding. Too bad it’s winter here. Anyways, be sure to play this song on repeat. Share this song and this band with all of your friends and family (Because even friends and family like hearing great music).

Wild Adriatic’s new album “Big Suspicious” came out today as well! This song is on it, as well as other fantastic songs. Head on over to to buy the album, and see where they are playing a show next! They put on a fantastic live show. (I’ve been to three so far). Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

P.S. “Woe” will be featured on our next podcast, which comes out on February 6th!

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