Beard Jams: Stockholm by The New Division

Hey everyone! Who’s excited that it is Friday?! I mean, is anyone ever truly upset when a Friday comes along? I’m excited because I return to school tomorrow! (Hopefully. There is snow in the forecast…). It’s been a wonderful break, but I’m suffering from cabin fever, and need to go to school. Anyways! Be sure to check out todays song! It’s entitled “Stockholm”, and it’s by a band called The New Division!

This song has some nice things going on with it! I really like the sound of all of the guitars, synths, and electronic beats when they interact together. It creates a nice indie pop/ electronic pop vibe to it. Perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Another section that is really nice is the synth interlude and build up that comes on before the last chorus. It’s a nice break from what we’ve heard already, and it helps keep the song fresh.

Overall, this was a pretty cool track! I really enjoyed the overall feeling this track gives off. I’m really enjoying it on this Friday afternoon, and hopefully you will too! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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