Beard Jams: Light Years by The Quick & The Dead

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully everyone is staying warm during this lame “Polar Vortex” stuff. It’s currently 1 degree where I am. The low tonight is negative 16, but it will feel like negative 30. While I’m literately freezing here, warm up and cuddle with a loved one as you check out todays song! It’s called “Light Years”, and it is by The Quick & The Dead.

The intro is really peaceful and relaxed. I really like how the piano sounds with the snare drum. Along with the vocals, it helps set up a nice overall sound to this song.

The chorus is really nice as well. After the second chorus, the song just erupts into a whirlwind of emotion and sound. It is definitely my favorite part of the song. There’s a nice little guitar solo as well that fits in really well with the song.

Overall, this was a nice indie pop rock song! The song as a collective whole sounds great! There are certain parts in the song that stand out and make this track memorable. The singer has a sweet voice, drums fit in really well with everything and helped further the passion in the song, and the nice little guitar solo and key change definitely added on to the enjoyment of this song.

Check this song/video out and see what you think! “Light Years” is a track off their latest ep entitled “Easy Getting By”. You can find the latest ep on Itunes now! Additionally, you can follow The Quick & The Dead on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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