Beard Jams: Indian Summer by Blood Cultures

What’s going on everyone?! Hopefully your Thursday has been pretty rad. My Thursday has ruled so far. I got offered a wonderful internship related to the field I want to go in once I graduate! (Radio. No surprise there). Anyways, while I’m excited for the internship, make your day just as rad by checking out “Indian Summer” by Blood Cultures

I love the intro to this song. It’s so delicate and wonderful. It’s nice and light, but you can instantly get behind it and groove with it. Once the bass kicks in, this song is unreal when paired up with the synths.

I really enjoyed the vocals as well. There is something so sleepy and delicate about his voice, but it will instantly make you feel happy. Additionally, the “oh wah oh’s” are amazing. They really help push this song over the top, in a good way of course. Right when you’re filled with so much happy emotion and feeling from this song, the “oh wah oh’s come in, and it just feels so right.

Overall, this is an amazing song. Everything paired together sounds amazing. I really enjoyed all of the sounds and synths used in this track. Definitely check this one out. If you don’t, then your Thursday will be lame. Trust me. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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