Beard Jams: Speak To Me by I The Mighty

What’s going on everyone?! It is super cold here today. To warm up a little bit today, I thought we’d switch genres up a bit by listening to this sweet alternative rock track entitled “Speak To Me” by I The Mighty!

This track starts off with tons of energy! This track has a great sound just from the instruments alone. The guitars have a nice tone to them, as well as the drums. I also admire the softer section right before the first chorus. It definitely helps the chorus feel even bigger and more energetic then it is already.

Speaking of the chorus, it’s awesome! I love the vocals in the chorus. (And in the whole song as well). My favorite part in the chorus is when he goes up in pitch on the word “up”. It’s a nice extra energy push on top of a great chorus.

Overall, I really enjoyed this track! I’ve always loved alternative rock, and this track furthers that enjoyment of this genre. Additionally, this band is touring for some of the dates on this years Warped Tour! (Sadly, they won’t be at any of the dates I might attend.) Check this one out and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe…and warm. Stay nice and toasty.

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