Beard Jams: Dream Ache by Lone

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyones day has been as good as it can be. My house is losing heat, and it’s supposed to be the coldest it’s been this winter tonight. Awesome. Anyways, today’s song we have is called “Dream Ache”. It’s by an artist known as Lone.

This track is pretty cool. Lot’s of synths and bass. I love synth and good bass, so no complaints here. How can I complain about a song when it sounds like I’m being transported through a sea of stars?!?!

There are lots of neat samples in sound that are sure to please your ears and musical tastes. One of my favorite sounds in this track that you might not expect to hear in this song is the sound of a hand drum and shaker! It creates a unique sound when paired with all of the electronic elements.

Overall, this is a really cool track! If transporting through a sea of stars sounds awesome to you, then check this one out. Even if that does not sound awesome to you, check out this track anyways! It’s a really nice, chill electronic track with great sounds incorporated into it. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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