Beard Jams: Into My Eyes by Vanilla

Hello once again everyone. I’ve been relaxing today and starting to think/look for jobs once I graduate from college! It’s exciting, but also pretty nerve wrecking all at the same time. Despite that, let’s keep dancing to some awesome music. Here is “Into My Eyes” by Vanilla.

This track is incredibly funky. Lots of fantastic electric bass riffs in this track. I personally love good bass parts in songs. This bass part is fun and catchy. Fun and catchy describe this song as a whole as well.

Let’s not forget about the electronic aspects as well in this track. They compliment this track very well. The electronic beat and shakers really help bring this song into 2014. There is also use of high and low cut filters once in a while, which create for some cool dynamics.

Overall, this is a great track! This will keep you dancing over and over again. In my opinion, it’s so fun and catchy, what more could you want from it? Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

P.S. Our very first podcast comes out tomorrow, (January 9th, 2014), on our site! We are super excited about it, and can’t wait for you all to hear it!

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