Beard Jams : The Mystery by Bad Cardigan

I’m back with another song! Who said more music was ever a bad thing? Especially on a Friday. This one is a new one from Bad Cardigan, (Who we have had on the blog before). It’s entitled “The Mystery”.

Right off the bat, we have a lovely acoustic sound to this track. All of their songs have a lovely acoustic sound, but this one seems to be the best one yet from Bad Cardigan. (In my opinion at least). The guitar parts are really nice together and intertwine with each other in a wonderful fashion.

Vocals are killer on this track! The harmonies are amazing! These two singers voices mesh very well together. I also admire how there are parts in the song, usually a transition, where they just sing without any instruments for a few seconds. It adds dynamic to the song, and makes it a little “Mysterious” at times…Pun totally intended.

Overall, this is a fantastic track from Bad Cardigan. In my opinion, you can really tell all aspects of this band have improved. The songwriting, the singing, everything! It’s really nice to see such tremendous growth from this band. As always, I’m very excited to see where these guys go from here. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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