Beard Jams: Take Your Rest by Battleships

What’s going on everyone?! We are going to switch things up a bit today with a nice indie rock song called “Take Your Rest”. It’s by a band named Battleships.

The intro is hauntingly beautiful. It’s very peaceful and dream like at first. I don’t know why, but I envision this band playing this song in the snow, especially the piano part. I think it would be pretty cool, but that’s probably because I have snow on my mind. (We got around 8 inches of snow at my house yesterday).

Back to the song though, it’s a beautiful piece of work. When all of the guitars and drums come in, it really gives the song some energy and intensity.

The vocals are really nice as well. Fits in with this song very well. Additionally, I loved all of the “oh’s” in this track. Some are very smooth and relaxing, while others are full of indie rock passion.

Overall, I really enjoyed this track, especially on this cold winter day. Check it out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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