Beard Jams: Dead Signal by Tauk

I’m back with another post for today! Lately I’ve been doing one post every so often because I’ve been busy with school. First of all, thank you all for your patience as I worked through this semester. It’s my last day of classes, so I figured I would get some posts in before finals start up.

Starting late next week, expect more posts and as always, more music!

Anyways, todays post comes to me from a awesome lead who tipped me off about these guys. It’s a band called Tauk, and this is their song which is entitled “Dead Signal”.

I’m really enjoying this song. There are so many beautiful detailed moments in this song. At times, it gets very technical. However, even with this technicality, they are able to maintain an awesome groove and a fantastic overall sound.

Seriously, this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year to just sit back and groove along to. This track will get you to move your head back and forth. All the parts blend together very well, (Including that killer bass!). Overall, I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy this song.

Definitely check this one out if you like some groove filled alternative rock. I’ve also seen it described as rock fusion. I like that definition so that’s what we will go with. Be sure to share this song, and be sure to share this blog with everyone. Musicbeards ftw. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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