Beard Jams: SWTRWTHR by Alex Young

Hello everyone! It’s my last day of classes here at school today! Which means I have to party tonight, right? RIGHT. Anyways, while you are out and about, be sure to check this sweet remix of The Neighbourhood’s song “Sweater Weather”. This version is spelled out as “SWTRWTHR” and it’s done by Alex Young!

I’ve been really enjoying this remix ever since it started. Something about it just feels so fresh to me. Great beats and an overall great job adding new ideas while keeping the initial integrity of the original track.

Be sure to check this one out, and share with everyone you know! It’s the holiday season, give your friends new music to listen to! They will love you for it. Also share Musicbeards so they can listen to awesome music in one spectacular location. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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