Beard Jams: Happy By Robert DeLong (Live on Triple J)

Hey everyone! I’m right in the middle of finals week. Well, not middle sense I’m almost done. Two finals done, One more to go tomorrow! Anyways, this song I have for you all is entitled “Happy“. It’s by an artist known as Robert DeLong. This version of the song was live at Triple J.

I really liked the song when it first came out on his album “Just Movement“. I still really enjoy the album and this song. (Also, this album came out in early 2013…and I have yet to see it on any countdown lists. This makes me sad. It also makes me realize I still need to put together my list.)

I’ve never seen Robert DeLong live, (I REALLY WANT TO THOUGH), so seeing what he might do at a show in this video was really nice. I enjoyed all of the modified equipment such as the game controllers. Yes, there was more then just the Wii controller.

I really enjoyed this video, and am continuing to enjoy this song. Check it out, and listen to Robert DeLong’s album “Just Movement“! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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