Beard Jams: The Spins by Potty Mouth

Hey everyone! How’s it going? I have some news for everyone real quick. I return to school for my last year this upcoming weekend. (AHHH!) In lieu of that, posts are going to become less frequent then they have been this summer. (Basically, I just might not have a post everyday. I’ll try though!)

Sweet! Now lets get down to business! Todays song is entitled “The Spins.” It’s by a band known as Potty Mouth!

The intro is pretty sweet. Great guitar riff that opens it up, and continues throughout the song. Then, a beautiful wall of punk sound comes along.

The chorus is awesome. If your not moving along in the chorus, you might need to check your pulse.

The singer has a great voice as well. It really shines through in the chorus. There’s something about a female singer in a punk band that is just awesome.

Additionally, not only is there a female singer, but the whole band consists of females! How fucking awesome is that?!?! These ladies are definitely some punk babes.

Overall, this is a sweet track. A great track to just rock out to. If you need some straight up punk music to listen to, check this track out. Don’t forget to check out the rest of their songs as well! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

Shout out to my friend URRLLL who tipped me off about this track! Thanks!

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