Beard Jams: Walkin’ by Amtrac

What’s going on everyone?! Today, we have a really cool song for you all. It’s called “Walkin’ “, and it’s by Amtrac.

At first, I was a little weary of this track. When the vocals came in with the soft synth in the intro, I was sitting there saying “Okay, this is alright. But what’s next?” Alas, that question of what was happening next came along.

A seriously awesome beat came along at this point. Pairing this beat with the vocals sounded amazing. I instantly started dancing, and in the style of my friend Sean. (Btw, Sean’s dancing is the best thing ever.)

In addition to some great electronic noises that happen during this song, there is another soft part to the song. Not as soft as the intro, but still soft enough to give us a little break. Then these robotic sounds come along, and once again a sound I was weary on is paired with an awesome beat, and sounds amazing.

Overall, this track is fantastic. There were parts were I was really grooving to it, and there were moments were I was pleasantly surprised. This was a fantastic find. Play this one all day, no matter where you are. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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