Beard Jams: Power Move (Original Mix) by Jackal

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today, we have got a pretty sick hip hop track entitled “Power Track.” It’s by an artist known as Jackal.

The intro is fantastic. That beat that starts things off is so good. It’s a nice beat to just groove to! Once the vocals come in, it becomes an awesome hip hop track.

I love this guys voice in the song. There is something in his voice that just really makes it great to just listen to him. One of my favorite lyrics from this song is “Catch me if you can, like the gingerbread man.”

I also enjoyed right before it goes into the chorus. “Sittin’ back counting double digit stack.” As soon as he saids that, the song just goes crazy. Then after that comes my favorite line of the song, as I already mentioned above.

There are electronic sounds in this song as well. More specifically, the almost dolphin noise like sounds. At first, I was not really feeling those sounds in the song. I actually jumped when I heard them because I was not expecting to hear anything like that. However, as I listened to the song more, I started to enjoy the electronic/dolphin noises. (Now go back and see if you think they sound like dolphin noises as well)

Overall, this is a sweet track. My favorite parts of the song were where the vocals were just straight up, and not altered. This track has a sweet hip hop beat. If you like hip hop in your life, check this one out. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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