Beard Jams: Green Eyes (Radio Edit) by Tidy Street

Hey everyone! I got to admit, this might be one of the cutest, feel good songs we have had in a while. It’s called “Green Eyes”, and it’s by Tidy Street.

Right away, when the female vocalist sings the “Do, do, do’s”, they are very catchy. They happen throughout the whole song, they are very cute, and fit so well. Both vocalists have great tones to their voices. The male singer has a nice story telling tone, while the female singer has a tone that is light, airy, and cute.

The chorus is also pretty sweet. I like the dynamic between the male and female vocalist. There are some really sweet guitar tones going on as well.

Speaking of guitar parts, I really enjoyed the guitars. The acoustic guitar is nice, and the electric guitar has a nice clean, yet harsh tone to it. It’s very pleasing to my ear, so I dig it.

Overall, I thought this song was very cute. It’s a nice indie pop jam, and it feels good to be listening to it in the summer time. If you need some cute indie pop in your life, check this one out. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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