Beard Jams: Come A Little Closer by Cage The Elephant.

Happy Friday everyone! Today, we have got a new song from Cage The Elephant for you all! It’s called “Come A Little Closer.”

The intro is pretty sweet. Has a really nice bass line to it. Vocals come in, and it gives you that same joy you have if you have ever listened to Cage The Elephant. (If this is your first Cage The Elephant song, well I hope it brings you some joy.)

One thing I notice, is that this song is a little more relaxed than his previous work. To be honest, I like that it’s a little more laid back. The chorus is really nice. Since the vocals have a distortion on them during the verses, even though it’s still laid back a bit in the chorus, it has more effect in the chorus when it has clean vocals.

Overall, this is a solid release from Cage The Elephant. It is a nice laid back song to rock out with. You can groove to the bass lines in the verses, and really jam out to the song during the chorus. It definitely has me excited for his next album release. Check it out, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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