Beard Jams: Stay With Us by Seoul

Happy Wednesday everyone! How has everyones day been? I’m currently getting ready to go back to school in a few weeks. (Senior year of college baby!) Anyways, while I’m gearing up for another year, check out todays song. It’s called “Stay With Us” and it’s by an artist named Seoul.

I discovered this track late last night. I was looking for some new music, and nothing was really agreeing with me. Until this song came on. Once it got going, it was a great surprise late at night.

The chill yet upbeat nature of it made it a really great listen late last night. Now that I’m listening to it in the daytime, it’s still great. It’s another song that can be relaxing, yet upbeat enough if you want to dance to it.

The beat is fantastic. Reminds me of a very chill STRFKR. I picture this band playing this song under light rain in a mountain house…or playing outside as the sun is rising and or setting.

Overall, this is a great song. Check it out no matter what you are doing. We could all use a little relaxing moment today. Right now it’s up for a free download as well! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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