Beard Jams: Summer Ends by Agua Roja

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Todays song is a nice jam entitled “Summer Ends” by Agua Roja.

The name of the track definitely fits. It feels like it’s welcoming in fall. It has the playfulness of summer at times, but has that deep, thoughtfulness that autumn brings. It’s also a good time to listen to this if you are like me, and live on the Northeast. Our lows at night have been dropping into the 40’s!

Anyways, back to the song. I like the vocals. Very smooth and relaxing. At times, especially during the chorus, the vocalist reminds me of Adele. I personally think Adele has a stellar voice, so it’s interesting to hear this voice in an indie pop song.

Overall, this is a nice track. Pretty relaxing at times, but also has enough pop to it if you want to dance. Like I said earlier, the name definitely fits the song. It absolutely reminds me of that period between summer and fall. Take care everyone.

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