Beard Jams: Holiday by Jakubi

Hey everyone! How’s it going? I had a pretty sweet weekend. I went hiking all day yesterday. It was really fun, but my body is hating me for it. I don’t know why either, I’ve been active all summer. Just been getting headaches, (And I’m drinking tons of fluids as well.). Anyways, todays song is a feel good song entitled “Holiday.” It’s by Jakubi.

I really enjoyed the beginning. Just guitar and voice. I could definitely picture this song just being guitar and voice. However, it is not. It starts to develop as we go along.

The chorus is pretty cool. Lot’s of energy in the chorus, which is awesome to hear. There’s something about hearing passion in music that just makes it better…most of the time. It makes sense that the chorus is energetic because the singer is singing about a girl he likes.

The vocalist is nice. Very smooth. I really like the second verse for the vocals because it seems like he is just getting overwhelmed thinking about this girl. Might be stressful when this happens in real life, but for vocals it makes for an awesome time.

Towards the end it gets really funky. It features this awesome feel good, almost disco moment. Maybe this is the high one receives while they are in love, represented in musical form? Perhaps.

Overall, this was a very nice feel good song. Check it out and see what you think! (Especially if you are thinking about someone.) Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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