Beard Jams: Stoopid by Wave Racer

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today, we have a nice track entitled, “Stoopid”, and yes it’s spelled like that. It’s by an artist known as Wave Racer.

One thing I really dig about this song is the 8-bit component to this track. I’ve always been a fan of 8-bit music, and especially when it is done well. This track my, bearded and non-bearded friends, is done well.

I really like how there is a nice hip hop beat going on. Add in the 8-bit noises, and it becomes an awesome, almost nerdy hip hop/ electronic song.

I also like how the track gives us breaks in the song with the sonic sweeps. I imagine if there was no break between the 8-bit noises, people (Including myself), would get sick of this and find this annoying. I think there is enough variety going on along with pauses between different parts that this song becomes infectiously catchy.

Since this has 8-bit noises in it, I thought to myself, instead of trying to picture a certain moment this song might capture, how about a video game? Well, I don’t know about an actual video game, but I imagine a kid in an 8-bit world trying to get his favorite soda. Along the way there are obstacles, including kids that don’t want him to get the soda (This would be the young sounding “Hey’s” in the song). Maybe along the way, he is listening to the latest and greatest music from Musicbeards as well.

Overall, this is a really sweet track. Very well done. Not only is it interesting, but it got me to really imagine. Any song that sounds good and gets me to think is great in my book.

Don’t just take my 8-bit dreams though, check this song out and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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