Beard Jams: All Of The People by Panama Wedding

Hey cool people! How’s it going? Today, we have a pretty sweet jam. It’s called “All Of The People”, and it’s by Panama Wedding.

The intro is pretty cool. It’s almost feels like an indie pop anthem. Then it relaxes a little bit during the verses. Clearly the vocals are the focus here, which is a good thing. The singers voice is really interesting. Has a bright sound to it, something you don’t find a lot with indie pop. Lots of artists like to add echos and reverb these days. Not this guy.

The chorus is nice. Feels like everyone that is hearing this song is banding together and singing this on a beach. At least that’s what I imagine.

I also think this track is interesting in that the music is a nice indie pop jam with elements of electronic in it, but the vocals are so clean that I think just vocals alone could be considered top 40.

Now hang on a second, hear me out. I already feel the surge of people being like, “Top 40?! I’m not listening to this.” I don’t think this song is top 40. I think the vocals remind me of top 40 artists. Even if this did make top 40, would that be a bad thing? For once, maybe we would have some interesting up and coming acts on top 40?!

I don’t think top 40 music is bad. If that is what gets you up and grooving, then that’s great! It’s just another type of music to enjoy and appreciate. I think top 40 gets too much heat. Sure, it may sound alike at times, but there are people that still like it! (All styles of music can sound alike at times). Instead of fighting with people about enjoying top 40 music, we should be embracing that and showing people other music that might go well with a top 40 song. That way, people who love top 40 music still get to hear it, but are being exposed to up and coming, undiscovered music as well.

After all of that is said and done, I think this track is a great bridge for people looking to get into different and new music. I think it combines the best of both worlds for indie pop, and top 40 pop music. Can’t we all just listen and enjoy music instead of arguing about which style is better?

Don’t just take my words for this. Listen to this song, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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