Beard Jams: Babe by Evenings

Hey everyone! Once again, I’m back with another cool song. For all of you needing some bedtime music, I think I found a track to get you started into your deep slumber. Okay, not really. If you do have a sleep playlist, this one would be good to start it off with. It’s called “Babe”, and it’s by Evenings.

As I mentioned before, this track will be a good one for your evening/ sleepy-time playlists. There are lots of sounds going on, but they are all relaxing. Reminds me of someone who is partying and they still want to party, but they are falling asleep fast.

Once in a while, you also hear this really cool bass slap. Going off of my person who is getting sleepy idea, I feel like the bass comes in to say, “Hey! Don’t fall asleep yet!”

Overall, this is a great track. I’m currently tired after a long day, and this music just feels right for that occasion. Check this one out, and have a good night everyone.

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