Beard Jams: Under by AOSOON

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Todays song is a very chilling, and interesting song called “Under”. It’s by a group named AOSOON, (A lot of something out of nothing).

This is a very nice chill, relaxed song with some interesting lyrics. The guitar part, along with the bass, make for some very interesting and intimate moments. I like how they add some electronic bass to the song as well. It’s not a lot, so it still gives the song that intimate feel, but really helps the chorus part.

The vocalist sounds amazing. Her voice is very enticing. I want to listen to her for hours and hours. During the verses, she has a voice that just makes you think about the lyrics. During the choruses, a lot of passion comes out and that’s an awesome thing.

Overall, this is a sweet track. Just what I needed today. Check it out, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone. As AOSOON puts it, “Just breathe in, exhale”

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