Beard Jams: Something About You by We Are Scientists

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! (Well, as happy as it can be for being a Monday). Anyways, starting off this week with a new track from We Are Scientists entitled, “Something About You”.

The intro grabs my attention pretty fast. The drums, along with the guitar part, make me think of a sunrise on a beach. Just a calmness to it that everyone can enjoy. However, it’s not too calm. There are plenty moments to jam out to.

The singer is pretty awesome. I really like his phrasing on the choruses. When he holds out the word, “About”, in the chorus section, it’s really nice. Additionally, there are some great harmonies going on as well.

There is something really cool about the chorus as well. I love the idea that he is talking about, “Something About You”. You might think this would be a pretty calm thought, but I love how its surrounded in the chaos of the drums and guitar. I really enjoyed it.

Overall, this is a very solid track thats going to be stuck in my head all day today. Check this one out. Hit repeat. Fall in love. Share with friends. Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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