Beard Jams: Mason Jar by Smallpools

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Anyone do anything cool this weekend? I got my hair cut today, so that was exciting. Just in time too. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s here this week, with heavy humidity. Summer is definitely here. Anyways, another thing that goes along with summer is todays song. It’s entitled, “Mason Jar”, and it’s by a band named Smallpools! You may remember last time when their song “Dreaming” was featured on Musicbeards.

The intro is pretty cool. I like the drum fills that happen in the beginning. The electric guitar parts are nice as well. As soon as the verse starts, it instantly sounds like a summer classic. It’s so fun and light. I want to be outside at a festival partying to this song, or on a beach!

The group vocal parts are pretty nice as well. Going back to being at a festival, I can imagine thousands of people singing the “Ohhh’s”. The little break with the organs was a nice little break. I always admire when people can make an organ part sound good, and put it into a song in a creative way.

Overall, this track was great. Another great song from this band. Keep your eye on these guys. They are definitely going somewhere if they keep on putting out these fantastic songs. Check it out, and see what you think about it! Take care everyone.

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