Beard Jams: Given the Chance by The Kite String Tangle

Good evening everyone! I’m back with another cool tune. It’s entitled, “Given the Chance”, and it’s by The Kite String Tangle.

Verses are really calm and chill. Really lets you focus on the singers voice and his words. Choruses are nice too. Some really cool electronic sounds come into play, making for another cool chorus part.

Towards the end, everything goes crazy. Even more electronic sounds, and what sounds like a babbling brook of awesome synth. (Say that 10 times fast). I like how the chorus goes crazy at the end. Part of the lyrics are, “Girl, you know i like you. Girl, you make me crazy.” To me, the end signifies the craziness in one’s emotions when they really like someone and they desperately want to tell that special someone. Very fitting ending to accompany the lyrics.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty sweet track. A great track for the evening. Check it out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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