Beard Jams: On Our Way by The Royal Concept

Hey everyone! It’s way too hot here today. If it’s hot where you are, don’t forget that sunscreen and lots of water! Anyways, heres another sizzling summer hit. It’s called “On Our Way”, and it’s by a band called The Royal Concept.

Intro is pretty cool. The floor tom mixed with the electronic synths sounds really cool. Verse moves along pretty quickly. However, that just moves us to the chorus that much quicker. I don’t mind it because the chorus is pretty catchy. It’s one of those choruses you want to sing out loud in the car during the summertime.

Another thing that I liked about this song is the whistling we hear right before the last chorus. It provides a nice break for the listener right before we go back into the chorus again.

Overall, I’m digging it. It’s a nice song for this super hot day. The singers voice is really nice for this song. One of those songs that sounds like it might be everyones song of the summer.

Don’t just take my heat exhausted thoughts. Check this song out, and see what you think! Take care everyone.

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