Beard Jams: Runaways by Big Tree

Hey everyone. I’ve got some time, so let’s listen to more music. This song is called “Runaways”. It’s by a band named Big Tree

One thing that sticks out is the crazy awesome guitar in this song. It seems like the guitarist is always doing something fun in this song, which is pretty cool. 

Vocals are pretty crisp. The lead singer has quite the voice. Has a nice voice during the soft parts, and an even better voice at bigger moments in the song. Regardless of what part of the song you are on, there is something nice about the vocals at all times.

Overall, this track has a nice indie pop folk feel to it. Feels like some good music to go driving to.

Don’t just take my thoughts for it though. See what you think! Listen to it! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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