Beard Jams: The Love Club by Lorde

Hey cool people. Hows it going? A shout out to all the high school graduates who embark on their next journeys! Specifically, my little sister graduated today. Very proud of her. Now if I can get her to listen to different music, then that would be cool. Anyways, todays cool song is called “The Love Club” by Lorde.

I’m really digging everything about this song. She reminds me of a young Kimbra. All the crazy back ground voices and harmonies make me think of Kimbra. Seems like they both like to experiment with the human voice, which is cool.

The song is very catchy. The beat will surely catch your attention and keep it. Makes you just want to bob your head. The lyrics are pretty good as well. It definitely tells a story, which fits very well with this music.

Overall I’m enjoying this track. Very nice things going on. Check this one out if you have a living heartbeat, aka everyone.

Don’t just take my words for it though. See what you think! Check it out! Enjoy.

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