Beard Jams: Honey by COIN

Hey everyone! Happy first day of summer! It’s supposed to be high 80’s here this week, so I guess Summer is really here. Anyways, here is a song that is awesome as well. It’s called “Honey”, and its by a band named COIN.

The intro is pretty cool. I dig the indie rock vibe mixed with the ghostly keyboards. The guitar has some nice things going on as well.

The chorus is awesome. It’s one that you just want to move around to and embrace it. Feels like a good chorus you would party along to at a summer concert festival.

The vocalist is nice as well. He reminds me of someone, but I can’t recall who he reminds me of. It’s a nice voice, so listen to it.

Overall, this is a nice indie rock/indie pop song. Pair this one with the first day of summer, and all through this summer, and you will be set for some good times and some good vibes.

Don’t just take my good vibes. Check out this song, and see what you think! Enjoy!

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