Beard Jams: Racer by Giorgio Moroder

Welcome back! It’s pretty hot temperature wise where I am today…and I don’t like it. Additionally, where I am has the chance for severe thunderstorms today…another thing I don’t like. However, I do like todays song. It’s entitled, “Racer”, and it’s by Giorgio Moroder.

This track is pretty sweet. It’s a very nice electronic track. One thing that sticks out to me from this song is the melody/synth thing going on. It’s quite catchy. A little annoying at times, but still catchy. The song immediately starts off pretty strong with a nice drum beat and the melody.

Then a soft part comes in. I’m really digging this part. The piano sounds are pretty sweet. Then all of a sudden, the first loud section combines with the second quieter section! It’s pretty sweet.

With this track, I think of driving on a highway right after it has rained on a summer evening. Almost sounds like it could be in a racing movie or video game. It’s a nice track that is catchy, but kind of haunting at the same time.

Don’t just listen to me though, check it out and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone.

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