Beard Jams: À tout à l’heure by Bibio

Hey everyone! How are you all? I’m doing pretty well. Chilling, and eating good food. Anyways, I’ve got a fresh pick for you all today. It’s called “À tout à l’heure”, and it’s by Bibio.

As always, I’m really digging this song. It sounds like I’m getting lost in a field in the summer time, in a foreign place. I’m liking the sitar in the song. (That’s probably why it feels foreign to me.) The sitar is present throughout the entire song, and it really makes the song. I really think that is what gives this song its summer, mystical vibe.

I really like when the vocals come in. In my opinion, the vocals give this song a modern flare. Very alternative indie pop vocals. However, the vocals are not present throughout the entire song. I like this though. It gives the listener a chance to imagine the picture being painted with the music. Then, once we have that picture, vocals come back in to keep everything crisp and fresh.

Also, this song just has a nice beat that goes along with everything!

This song just has good vibes all over it. Very danceable. It’s a tad different, but different can be great when done right. In this instance, it feels very right. Fantastic stuff.

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to it for yourself and see what you think! Take care everyone!

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