Beard Jams: Capybara by Farewell Continental

What’s up all of you cool people? Todays song is called “Capybara”, and it’s by a band called Farewell Continental.

This track is pretty sweet. Has a great indie/alternative rock sound to it. I absolutely love both of the singers voice. Sometimes, I notice when bands have a male and female singer, one tends to outshine the other. I also find that I’ll like one of the voices, but not the other. With this band, this is not the case. Both voices are absolutely beautiful!

With this song, the lyrics and the voices really carry this song. The rest of the parts are good as well, but this song showcases the vocals and lyrics more than anything else.

The song has a great sound. I’ve always been a fan of indie and alternative rock. I really like the chorus. Pretty awesome stuff. The voices, and the music gets stronger, and it’s really cool. Yes, a chorus does typically get stronger, but sometimes you just can’t jive with it. You’re not feeling it. You can’t groove to it. With this song and the chorus, I can jive with it. The whole song just makes me want to dance, which is always a good indicator of a good song.

Additionally, if the male voice sounds familiar, that’s because it is Motion City Soundtracks very own lead singer, Justin Pierre! I’ve always been a fan of Justin. From his voice, his lyrics, all the way to his hair. Awesome person. Farewell Continental is a side project that he is involved with when he is not doing things with Farewell Continental. Just because it is a side project though, does not mean this stuff is not good. It packs all of the indie/alternative rock that Motion City Soundtrack delivers, just with a different spin on things.

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to it, and see what you think! Until next time, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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