Beard Jams: Bury Our Friends by Sleater-Kinney

What’s going on everyone?! Check out this tasty song from Sleater-Kinney entitled Bury Our Friends. This song is on their forthcoming album entitled No Cities To Love, which comes out on Tuesday, January 20th! 

The opening guitar riff is seriously one of my favorite parts of this song. I actually think it is my favorite part of the song, but the whole song rules so who cares. It’s just so infectious! I can’t stop jumping around playing air-guitar to it. (No, you will not see me play air-guitar.)

The chorus is pretty sweet as well! I love the groove everyone plays in the chorus. It’s fun and bouncy and I love it. Once again, the guitar part in the chorus has my heart.

Overall, this song just flat out rules. It’s really nice to hear a great indie rock song with an emphasis on the rock. This song doesn’t play around. Gets right to the point and delivers. No gimmicks or games for Sleater-Kinney. Just flat out awesome sounding indie rock.

2015 is definitely going to be a huge year for music. Sleater-Kinney is setting the bar very high, but I’m very excited. If you liked the song, check them out at! As mentioned earlier, their latest album entitled No Cities To Love comes out on January 20th on Sub Pop Records!

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